Mission and Scope

Mission Statement

The Tandy Museum is a resource of the Tandy Institute for Archaeological Research. It serves as the receptacle for all archaeological collections related to the history and culture of the Ancient Near East. These include, but are not limited to, archaeological artifacts, ethnographic artifacts, educational models and scholarly publications. As an educational institution, it is the purpose of the Tandy Museum to act as a staging ground for study and research, accessible to students, scholars and the general public.

Facts & Figures

Established in 1983

19 Collections

1900 Objects

3,965 Total Holdings

Museum Staff
Director: Dr. Steve Ortiz
Collections Manager: Ms. Marcella Barbosa, M.A.


As the only archaeological institute serving the Southern Baptitst Convention, one of the goals of the Tandy Institute is to use its resources, under Southerwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, to serve the church and the community. We are continually working on making these groups aware of the services we offer that benefits church groups, class field trips, and individual families. Already, we host at least 8 to 10 groups from churches and schools a year, as well as give personal tours to interested families. 

Some of the services we offer include:

Dig for a Day!

One of our most popular features with schools and children's ministry groups, this attraction allows its participants to experience archaeology firsthand. Located at the Baxley Archaeological Park, which is a simlation of the ancient Israeli site of Qumran, our visitors learn all about the basics of archaeology and then get to actually dig themselves. They are guided by our experienced archaeological students and even get to take home a piece of pottery from Israel.

Personalized Museum Tours


Dead Sea Scrolls Tours


History of the Bible Tours


Combination Packages


And More!