Past Conferences

March 26, 2019 Egypt and Ancient Israel: Merneptah's Campaign- History or Propaganda?

The Tandy's third annual conference drew students from all programs at Southwestern as well as faculty and students from schools across Texas and people from the community who were interested in learning more about this subject. The conference featured world-renowned Egyptologists Dr. James Hoffmeier, Dr. Peter Brand, and Dr. Michael Hasel, as well as faculty and senior Ph.D. students from the Tandy. The presentations highlighted various approaches to the theme, including the Exodus and Biblical studies, epigraphy, Egyptology and the use of modern techonology, historical geography, and archaeological discoveries like that of the Tandy's project at Gezer.

If you missed the conference or would like to watch the presentations again, they are available for you here.


March 8, 2018 Christianity on the Silk Road Conference

Inspired by the Tandy's excavation in Kazakhstan, which recently uncovered the first official evidence of early Christianity in the region, this conference covered the history and archaeology of Christianity in Central Asia, featuring a lineup of experts from America and Kazakhstan.


November 13-14, 2017 Foothills of Judah Conference

This conference featured a full day of presentations on the latest discoveries and trends in the archaeological and historical studies of the Judean foothills from both Israeli and American archaeologists, culminating in a free public lecture on the Judahite fortified town at Tel Burna by the field director of the Tel Burna Excavation Project, Dr. Itzhaq Shai. The second day consisted of a workshop with the head staff of the Tel Burna Excavation Project.


July 2, 2012 through January 13, 2013 Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

This exhibit featured fragments never before displayed to the public in addition to other early manuscripts and material ranging from the time of the scrolls to the rise of early Christianity. There was also regular lectures from the leading experts in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other related fields.


October 14-15, 2011 The Future of Biblical Archaeology Conference

This conference brought together some of the current leading scholars in the field of Biblical archaeology, including pioneer Dr. William Dever, in order to discuss how to define the field, its current state, and possibilities for the future.


November 29, 2010 The Ancient Hebrew Language: Recent Trends in Research- Seminar with Dr. Anson Rainey

Students and faculty learned about the latest developments in the study of ancient Hebrew and how it connects with the origins of the Israelites from Dr. Rainey, one of the leading scholars in the history and language of ancient Palestine.


September 24, 2010 Digitization Workshop with WSRP

Students and faculty learned new photographic techniques for archaeological objects through demonstration with pieces from the Charles D. Tandy Archaeological Museum.