Lectureship Series

A vibrant part of the outreach of The Tandy Institute for Archaeology is to provide several lectures by archaeologists and scholars in the field to the students of SWBTS, the academic community, and the public of North Texas. There are three major forums for lectures at the Tandy: an annual lecture series, an occasional series, and a special forum for future archaeology conferences.

Charles D. Tandy Museum Annual Lecture Series on Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
This is an annual lecture series consisting of two to eight lectures each academic year. The series consists of a group of lectures depending on budget and topic. This is our flagship lecture series attracting participation from various academic institutions, local museums, and churches. The lectures are semi-popular geared toward the non-specialists and lay person. This lecture series is coordinated between the Tandy Museum and the Department of Archaeology.

School of Theology Lectures on Biblical Archaeology and Historical Studies
This is a sporadic lecture series that takes advantage of visiting scholars in residence and/or visiting scholars. The main audience will be faculty and students of the MA in Archaeology but also including students and faculty in the School of Theology, specifically in biblical studies. This lecture series will be part of the larger academic lectures of the various divisions within the School of Theology. Most of these lectures occur during the day as a brown-bag lunch series between classes.

The Tandy Institute for Archaeology Conferences

Tandy Institute for Archaeology Conferences

These will be well-planned conferences associated with the Riley Center. These conferences are associated with major research trends in the field and will be associated with a major event in the life of the archaeology program at SWBTS (e.g. festschrift, naming of a chair, major publication, donation, honoring a faculty, retirement, etc.).

Proposed Future Conferences:

  • The Archaeology of the Shephelah
  • Recent Trends in Dead Sea Scrolls Research.

Student Archaeology Club Brown Bag Lectures

These are lectures organized by the archaeology club