Research at the Tandy


Winter 2007- Evaluation and catalogue of the Martin Numismatic Collection. Ken Miller, University of Arizona.

Fall 2008- Evaluation and catalogue of the Carlson Cuneiform Collection. Dr. Helmuth Pehlke, SWBTS Bonn, Germany.

Fall 2008- Two Ur III Texts from Umma: Observations on Archival Practices and Household Management. Dr. Magnus Widell, University of Liverpool.

Fall 2009- Initial evaluation of the Newly acquired Best Cuneiform Collection. Dr. Anson Rainey, Tel Aviv University.

Fall 2009- The Acquisition and Study of Dead Sea Scroll Fragments from the Kando Collection. Dr. Westin Fields, Director, Dead Sea Scroll Foundation.

Spring 2009- Analysis of a Greek Lectionary Manuscript in Roberts Archives. Dr. John W. Taylor, SWBTS.

Fall 2010- Digitization of the SWBTS Cuneiform Collections. Bruce Zuckerman, Director, West Semitic Research Project.

Fall 2011- Tel Gezer Publication Project- Field W. Dr. Gary Arbino, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

Fall 2012- The Paleo-Leviticus Scroll of SWBTS. Dr. Peter Flint, Trinity Western University.

Spring 2014- The Carlson Cuneiform Collection and the Patterson Tablet. Fa. Jesus Garcia-Recio, El Instituto Biblico y Oriental, Spain.

Spring 2016- The Spangenberg Collection: Metal Objects. Noël Siver, University College London.

Spring 2016- The Spangenberg Collection: Coins. Ken Miller, University of Arizona.