Publication Project

The plan is to publish all the fragments in a single monograph- The Southwestern Dead Sea Scroll Fragments.

This volume will be edited by Dr. Ryan Stokes and Dr. Sidnie White Crawford.

It will consist of three main parts:

  1.  The history of the acquisition of the scrolls and auxiliary articles, e.g. the stylus.
  2. A detailed article about each fragment, authored by the researchers from the SWBTS faculty.
  3. Articles containing scholarly analysis of the fragments from Dr. Stokes, Dr. White Crawford, and other guest scholars, as needed.

Please check back for future updates on the publication process.

Research and Publication Team

 Dr. Sidnie White Crawford (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

 Editor, Contributing Scholar, Consultant





 Dr. Ryan Stokes (SWBTS)

 Editor, Researcher, Contributing Scholar





 Dr. Joshua Williams (SWBTS)






 Dr. Eric Mitchell (SWBTS)






 Dr. George Klein (SWBTS)





 West Semitic Research Project, Director Bruce Zuckerman (USC)

 Digital Photographer